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Welcome to the first Kenes Group newsletter. I want to share with you some of our exciting innovations and current projects.

Satisfying the changing needs of the delegates we host is a great opportunity. There is a greater demand for focused networking, and options for proactive participation. Our Meeting Architect is always reviewing our ability to enhance the experience of our delegates prior, during, and after a meeting. Participants anticipate a personally adapted experience and we can deliver it!

Another big opportunity is to bridge the gap in the changing funding schemes and to provide optimised options for our congresses. We need a far better understanding in the finance and VAT of meetings, as well as how compliance plays a role. This is not a small task; it requires “out of the box” thinking and creativity, to not only the right solutions, but the innovative ones.

I hope you will find the information in this first edition exciting and that it will provide you with inspiration. After all, the solutions are not found in one place only.

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There is a need for more purposeful meetings, not just ones filled with content.
How can we achieve this?

Take a Cognitive Break to refresh the mind.
Put the most complex meeting content in the morning or directly after lunch.
Audio-scraping, lighting, or guided meditation can make brains more receptive to learning.
Offer quiet areas where people can unplug or even take short power naps.
Give attendees a sense of belonging and meaning with hands-on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability programs.
“The key is to involve attendees. They shouldn’t just be passive observers.”
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How to increase your meeting profitability through VAT?


The Value Added Tax or VAT is a common concern for many associations and their rotating events. VAT often reduces the contribution margin of associations out of their educational activities. Having uncertainties and not understanding the local legislation can often cause financial losses, if not done by an expert. Kenes Group can be entrusted to maximise financial security and optimise your budget.

At Kenes Group, we are registered for tax purposes in 16 countries worldwide, many of them around Europe. Our team has vast experience over the past two decades working with international medical events. The team is proactively seeking for VAT exemptions applicable for each event in attempt to maximise the financial benefits for our clients, many of them being not-for-profit associations. Their expertise in VAT allows us to optimise client profits in more ways too. Choosing the right VAT strategy is our starting point. To decide on the right path, many factors are considered and ranked in this order:

country where the congress is being held
country where the association is registered
tax level
expected income
planned expenses

It is important to mention the research done by the team on VAT legislation and policy in specific congress locations. Our research, along with the qualified and recognised advisors we work with ensure stable financial management for any congress, no matter the location it takes place in.

If you are in the site selection process for your next event, contact us. We will help you consider the VAT and financial benefits for your possible congress venues.


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